Travelers adjust to mask policy changes at Harry Reid airport

Travelers adjust to mask policy changes at Harry Reid airport

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A sigh of relief, but also some confusion for some travelers at Harry Reid airport, one day after a federal judge voided the national mask mandate on airplanes and public transit.

The change means the public will no longer be required to wear masks to travel.

Harry Reid International Aiport (KLAS)

8 News Now spoke to some travelers at Harry Reid International Airport about the change.

Randy Davis flew in from Kentucky and says he is surprised at how quickly things changed.

“I just been so comfortable with it at first aggravating now it just became a part of me it doesn’t even bother me,” Davis said. “Now without it, it’s like what’s going on again.

Meanwhile, Al Alan is visiting from Colorado Springs and agrees with Davis.

“I wore it on the airplane, coming out here the majority of people didn’t,” he said. “I’ve had all my shots I’ve had my 2 boosters so I feel comfortable.”

The airport isn’t the only place lifting the mandate, rideshare companies are too.

Daniel Jordan drives for Uber and tells 8 News Now he found out about the mask mandate change through the news and Uber e-mail.

“About time, it’s been two years,” Jordan said.

Mask mandate lifted at Harry Reid Airport (KLAS)

Shula Ellis also drives for Uber and says most of her customers don’t want to wear masks in her car.

“I tell them it’s their choice, if they wear a mask, I wear a mask it is a respect for my riders,” Ellis added.

Davis believes the change is a sign that the situation may be shifting.

“Were just going back to normalcy and that’s where it should be, it’s a matter of fact. Normalcy is cool,” he added.

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