Teacher, expert react to 3 campus assaults in 1 day, stress importance of mental health

Teacher, expert react to 3 campus assaults in 1 day, stress importance of mental health

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — After three attacks took place on three separate Clark County School District campuses Wednesday, 8 News Now spoke with a teacher and medical expert on the importance of focusing on mental health for students and teachers. 

“It’s very worrisome that this is happening,” CCSD teacher Ryan Fromoltz told 8 News Now of the several attacks. 

CCSD said students were arrested at Foothill High School, Grant Sawyer Middle School, and Palo Verde High School, Wednesday for assault or battery on school staff members. 

Fromoltz said stories like this are becoming far too common on campuses. 

“I guarantee you right now the teachers are screaming at the TV,” Fromoltz said. “The district does not listen to us.”

Psychiatrist and director of Nevada Mental Health Dr. Sid Khurana believes mental health needs to be addressed in more ways than one. 

“Teachers who are on the frontlines,” Dr. Khurana said. “They are the victims.”

He said it’s important to address the trauma many teachers have experienced and know some are not okay. 
“They are experiencing an assault,” Dr. Khurana added. “A trauma.”

He added that children may not show signs of anxiety or depression in the same way adults do, and in some cases, violence is a cry for help. 

“When they are depressed,” he explained. “They are more likely to be irritable, angry, and aggressive.”

Dr. Khurana said it’s important to catch warning signs at home; if your child is acting strange or irritable, he said it’s imperative to get them help. 

Meanwhile, Fromoltz hopes CCSD leaders take action to keep everyone safe. 

“The powder keg is about to explode,” he concluded. “And we need the district to care.”

Dr. Khurana attributed many student mental health issues to the stress and isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

He said it’s more important than ever to encourage students and teachers to ask for help if they need it. 

For more information on mental health resources, check out CCSD’s mental health resources HERE. You can also visit NAMI Southern Nevada’s website

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