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Las Vegas traffic cameras are no invasion of privacy | LETTER

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Your Monday editorial denouncing the use of traffic cameras to aid law enforcement to capture those who disregard our laws is completely illogical. The notion that when you get in a car and drive along the public roads, you are invisible and no one sees you is just nuts.

If you run the light, drive your car at excessive speeds or drive on the wrong side of the road, it is not private. You are driving on a road we all paid for, and we all have the right to an expectation that you will obey the laws. If you do not, you should be held to accounts for your deliberate disregard for every other person out there.

Obviously, our homes are our own. Therefore we have a right to privacy. But that’s not the same thing as the public roadways. Further, I see no difference in an officer spotting you from the side of the road or a camera pinpointing your car running the red light. There is no way for law enforcement to be at every intersection. They need the assistance of the technology available.

The knowledge that the cameras would capture the offenders would certainly slow the number of violations on our roads. Our families lives are at stake.

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