Exclusive: Father says son’s alleged shooting by neighbor is unjustifiable

Exclusive: Father says son’s alleged shooting by neighbor is unjustifiable

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — 8 News Now has learned 16-year-old Christian Murphy was shot in the back of his head, allegedly by a neighbor walking his dog in the Foot Hills Community.

When this incident first happened back in April police said Christian had a gun on him, but now his father said given his son was shot from behind his killing is not justifiable. “It has been really really tough as a father to lose your son,” said Phillip Murphy, father of Christian Murphy.

Murphy is still trying to find answers as to why a neighbor pulled the trigger on his son. “He shot my child in the back of the head so he needs to be punished for it,” Murphy said.

On the morning of April 11th, Muprhy said Christian and his older brother got into an argument, Christian took his brother’s gun and went outside where the two continued arguing when a neighbor walking his dog got involved. “A neighbor that lives in the next street over from where my kids grew up at to tell my kids to get on the ground,” he said. ” I don’t know why he decided to take it to his own hands and act like a police officer.”

Murphy said both of his sons got on the ground but then his older son realized this man was not a cop and ran back in, leaving just Christian on the ground complying and seconds later there was a shot fired. “My son had to have his back turned for him to get a bullet in the back of the head,” Murphy said.

Christian Murphy (Photo: Phillip Murphy)

Police say the neighbor was acting in self defense as they claim Christian was shooting at people before he was shot. “There is no justifying self-defense when there is a bullet in the back of your head,” Murphy said.

8 News Now went to the neighbor’s house to get his side of the story but were turned away. “I am going to get answers I am going to fight for my son I am not done,” Murphy said.

Christian was taken to the hospital where doctors determined the bullet caused too much damage, and his father had to take him off life support on the morning of April 12th.

Although there have not been any arrests or charges police say they are still continuing their investigation and the case still needs to go through the district attorney’s office.

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