Keeping families safe: Gun storage, safety tips

Keeping families safe: Gun storage, safety tips

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Many families have a gun in their home as a means for sports and protection, but experts told 8 News Now that it’s just as important to protect the ones you love with education on gun safety.

For retired Henderson police officer David Kohlmeier, he said it takes more than just hiding your guns to keep kids safe — it takes plenty of education.

He recommended keeping firearms out of sight and locked away, which includes hiding bullets in a separate location.

As the father of three young kids, he said it’s important to teach your kids what to do if they find a gun and the consequences of what could happen if they pick it up.

“If you see a firearm, don’t touch it, tell a parent or even notify the police. Call 911, the emergency number or call 311, the non-emergency,” he said. “Maybe going onto Google and showing firearms and looking up different stories and using it as a reference point to show that children have died.”

Kohlmeier said it’s also best to have these conversations with others if your child is visiting a friend’s home — ask the adults whether they have guns, and if they do, whether these are securely and safely stored.

Make sure you know your child’s friend and the friend’s parents before your child goes to their home, and always make sure a trusted adult will be at the house while your child is visiting, he suggested.

He said to be sure to go over and think about all aspects when buying a gun for your household, or, if you already have a gun, consider buying gun locks online or at a gun shop.

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