Secretary of Energy discusses pain at the pump in southern Nevada

Secretary of Energy discusses pain at the pump in southern Nevada

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Gas prices are still sky high across the nation, and they’re especially high in Nevada.

According to AAA, southern Nevada residents are paying an average of $5.15 for a gallon of regular gas.

Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm was in town touring new hydrogen plant Air Liquide, and 8 News Now asked her when the pain at the pump will stop.

Secretary Granholm said relief is coming, and that Americans should expect prices at the pump to roll back very soon as the Biden administration continues to work to stabilize the market.

She said transportation of fuel is one thing that is keeping Nevada gas prices high.

“The transportation of the fuel is expensive,” she said. “You have a series of gas taxes mainly because you are not adjacent to a refinery.”

Granholm said overall, those soaring prices are also due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which pulled Russian oil off the market.

She said the U.S. and Canada are pulling back on the use of oil to avoid financing the attacks, which means that supply is lower and costs are up.

Granholm added that President Biden is also using our own supplies.

“He is also releasing the biggest tool that we have, 180 million barrels from our strategic petroleum reserves,” she said. “That is a million barrels a day for the next six months.”

It’s unclear, however, just how much prices will drop. As millions of drivers get ready to hit the road during the summer season, Granholm reiterated the importance of clean energy and becoming self-sufficient.

“The best solution to get us off fossil fuels is to do things like what we have here at Air Liquide,” she said. “Hydrogen to have clean transportation and use electricity from batteries to electrify our vehicles.”

The secretary added that the country is also moving in a clean energy direction through Biden’s approval for more ethanol to be blended into gasoline, so there will be less reliance on crude oil and more reliance on ethanol.

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