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Governor touts $500 million affordable housing initiative | LETTER

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The Review-Journal reported Friday that Gov. Steve Sisolak has launched a $500 million “affordable housing project” with taxpayer money. The governor details his goal for the project: “Getting just one more person, just one more person into a home, or keeping one more family in their home, is what this is all about.”

To some it may seem that, with $500 million, it might be expected that the program could benefit more than one person. But Gov. Sisolak’s modest assessment of the programs impact may be pretty accurate.

In 1986, Los Angeles Times columnist Jack Smith detailed the amount paid for items by various government entities. That included one screw for $37, one tape measure for $437, one aluminum ladder for $74,165, one screwdriver for $285 and, of course, there was the famous $640 toilet seat.

And this was 1986 dollars.

As an entrenched politician, Gov. Sisolak has extensive experience in spending other people’s money. He had a hardhat on in the Review-Journal photo that accompanied the story, so obviously he has expertise that gives credibility to his hope of helping one person.

With $500 million, the state could purchase 1,000 $500,000 homes. But remember: This is government work.

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