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Biden over his head on issue over issue | LETTER

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President Joe Biden continues to demonstrate that he is totally out of it on so many issues — the latest being the surge in crime due to ghost guns (Tuesday Review-Journal). Funny, I never saw all those looters, shoplifters and rioters with ghost guns. Mr. Biden needs to understand that the crime wave is due to defunding the police, relaxing laws on looting and shoplifting and other progressive measures. It has nothing to do with guns.

One of Mr. Biden’s’ biggest problems is he thinks we are all naive or ignorant concerning the issues facing this country, including immigration, inflation, oil dependency, gasoline prices and failed foreign policies to name a few. Seems Mr. Biden makes a mess and then walks away from it to find someone else to blame. Let’s hope we can survive two and half more years of poor decisions and lack of leadership.

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