'It's a horrible crime against nature,' vandals strike at Red Rock Canyon

‘It’s a horrible crime against nature,’ vandals strike at Red Rock Canyon

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Reports of vandals making their way around the popular Red Rock Canyon is upsetting those who come to the area to experience the desert’s beauty.

A hiker in the area who did not want to be identified, tells 8 News Now their peaceful hike was interrupted when graffiti was spotted during a hike earlier in the week.

“I live for this, I live to recreate climbs I moved here for this it hurts,” the hiker said. ” If you are going to tag something we have a big city with concrete don’t do it here, please.”

The reports of graffiti were made to Heather Fisher who is the president of Save Red Rock, a non-profit organization focused on preserving the beauty of the canyon.

“It took 200,000 years to build that and 10 minutes to ruin it, it’s really disappointing,” Fisher said.

The graffiti is spread all throughout the area of the Calico Basin, and volunteers will have to clean the graffiti up with special chemicals, which will ultimately cause damage to the rocks.

Those who notice vandalism in the area are advised to take a picture of any graffiti but are cautioned not to confront vandals. To report acts of vandalism in the Red Rock area contact the Bureau of Land Management at 702-293-8932.

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