New reservoir in northwest valley will help conserve water

New reservoir in northwest valley will help conserve water

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A new development is underway up in Centennial Hills which will go a long way toward conserving water across the valley. The goal of this $600 million project is to help conserve water in our growing valley.

Even though the reservoir is in the far northwest portion of the Las Vegas valley, the water it captures will reach communities as far away as Henderson. This is just one of the dozens of reservoirs in the valley.

The water will come in from the Colorado River through Lake Mead.

The Las Vegas Valley Water District said people have used 26 billion gallons less of water than the all-time high back in 2002 and the population is much higher now.

Water officials say the reservoirs are just one of the ways the valley will be able to continue to have access to water in the valley.

“Centennial Hills reservoir is a 5 million gallon reservoir, it will be one of 80 reservoirs that we currently have in the valley. No matter where residents or businesses are, our job as an agency is to be able to deliver water to those homes, and businesses in a reliable and efficient manner,” said Corey Enus, senior public information coordinator, Las Vegas Valley Water District.

Ninety percent of the valley’s water comes from the Colorado River and Lake Mead. The other 10% comes from groundwater wells in the valley.

The project completion date is slated for summer 2023.

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