Valley residents share concerns about increasing number of people facing homelessness

Valley residents share concerns about increasing number of people facing homelessness

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Several valley residents shared their frustrations with 8 News Now regarding safety, as increasing numbers of people continue to face homelessness and search for places to stay.

Lili Beth Garcia has been a resident of a neighborhood near Flamingo Road and Rainbow Boulevard for over 12 years, and said that safety is becoming an issue.

“It looks like there’s a lot of homeless people coming in and out, people that I don’t recognize,” she said. “Throughout the day you see people walking around.”

One neighbor shared images with 8 News Now showing a homeless encampment on a property nearby, but the home was locked and unoccupied upon inspection.

Residents continued to say their concern is growing as some families are housing some of those experiencing homelessness.

According to Clark County, the prevalence of homelessness is more common than many think.

“We have a landlord program, we want to formally get you engaged because we can also get you case management, job training, and other things,” said Tim Burch with Clark County Human Services. “We appreciate people’s hearts.”

There are about 13 landlords to house 274 households since the Operation HOME! program launched last year, which is helping minimize the homeless population, according to the county.

“Homelessness is a really complex issue,” Burch said. “People don’t get into homelessness overnight and it’s hard to think you’re going to get them out of it overnight. It takes a big support system.”

According to the county, donations to programs like Operation HOME! are helping fight against homelessness.

More information about the program can be found below.

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