'Hey, emergency,' group accused of carjacking, shooting man in desert outside Las Vegas

‘Hey, emergency,’ group accused of carjacking, shooting man in desert outside Las Vegas

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Several other suspects outstanding, police say

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Fingerprints on a stolen car led police to a suspect in a group accused of shooting a man and carjacking him in a desert area near Las Vegas, court documents said.

Julia Madrid, 20, faces charges of conspiracy to commit robbery, robbery with the use of a deadly weapon or tear gas, conspiracy to commit kidnapping and kidnapping, records showed.

On Aug. 14, police said they received a 911 call from a man who said his friend had been shot in his legs. The shooting victim told police he was dropped off at a gas station and the suspects had stolen his car. The car was later recovered deserted.

At the hospital, the victim told police he had been shot and robbed in a desert lot. Detectives later located cartridge casings and blood in the area. The exact location of the shooting was redacted in police documents.

The victim told police he had met a man the day before. The two men “exchanged words [referencing] their vehicles” and agreed to meet at a parking lot to hang out. The man asked the victim if his jewelry was real and they talked about meeting up later in the evening, police said.

Later that night, the victim and the stranger met up with another friend, and they all drove to a dispensary in the easy valley. The men then went to “The View,” a lookout area off Hollywood Boulevard.

The stranger then told the victim to drive about five miles farther down the road to “show him a nice location where to stop,” police said. The three men then got out of the car and “finished smoking the marijuana they purchased,” police said.

About five minutes later, another car arrived. A passenger in the car exited and greeted the stranger and “asked [the victim] if he had any guns and if he liked to shoot,” police said.

A man then shot the victim in the leg “without provocation or warning,” police said. Another man then got out of the car and “searched [the victim’s] pockets [and] also demanded his property.” A woman also got out of the car and took the victim’s keys while another man forced the victim into the backseat of his car at gunpoint, police said.

While the group drove the victim back toward the city, they demanded money from him. The victim called a friend who agreed to provide $200, but the group overheard police on the phone and threw it out the window, police said.

At some point, the victim also texted, “Hey, emergency,” to a friend who missed his text message. The victim was then thrown out of the car.

Several fingerprints were found on the outside of the car, some of which came back to Madrid, police said. Police believe she was the suspect who took the victim’s keys.

Police interviewed Madrid on April 16. She told them her friends had said they were planning “to shoot handguns in the desert.” She told the police “she did not know the victim would be robbed.”

Police noted Madrid “did not explain why she did not call 911 and report the incident.”

The other suspects in the case remained outstanding as of Tuesday.

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