Republican candidates discuss issues at gubernatorial town hall

Republican candidates discuss issues at gubernatorial town hall

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada is less than two months away from the primary election, and nine Republicans running for governor explained why they are the best person to take on the job at a town hall Tuesday.

The Gubernatorial Town Hall, held at the Dragon Hills Country Club in Henderson, held a handful of questions for the candidates.

First, attorney Joey Gilbert addressed the economy.

“We need to diversify away from the service industry sector, away from mining, and we need to look at advance manufacturing,” he said.

Logistics manager Tom Heck said he wants to look at taxes.

“Governors create an environment where jobs can flourish, how is that done? By cutting taxes and cutting regulations, my proposal is a 10% budget cut,” Heck said.

Guy Nohra said he wants to attract businesses.

“We need to go out and recruit companies, whether I cam coming with business development people, I close the deal as governor, we need to show them it’s important to move here,” Nohra said.

Addressing crime, Sheriff Joe Lombardo said he’s paying attention to the problems.

“The problem is the national policies and the state policies associated with crime, the attitude towards crime, the softening of sentences, and the softening of criminals rights versus victims rights,” Lombardo said. “The country and the legislature here in Nevada is preventing us from doing our job.”

On education, former Senator Dean Heller said the school district needs to be fixed.

“The school district is too large, this shool district needs to be broken down,” Heller said. “You take a complex problem and make it less of a problem by making a school district in Boulder City, in Mesquite, in North Las Vegas, Henderson.”

On the topic of homelessness, Dr. Fred Simon said from homeless veterans to mental health, it’s a complex issue.

“Bipolar and schizophrenic patients need proper medication, we need people in our state to recognize you cannot stabilize in 48 to 72 hours, you cannot, I have not seen it in 40 years,” Dr. Simon said.

Real estate investor Barak Zilberberg wants a wellness community.

“Elon Musk, which he has $15,000 cubicles, I am going to subdivide parcels and we drop those cubicles in for $15,000 and we have a wellness community,” Zilberberg said.

Eddie Hamilton said we need more land for afforable housing.

“We need affordable housing, to get that we need a lot of public land,” Hamilton said.

On water concerns, North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee said the water Nevada gets but doesn’t use needs to be saved.

“What we need to do instead of that water going down, we need to make sure the reservoirs up at the top start filling up again, we need to change how the water is moving through the system and start filling up the reservoirs,” he said.

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