Nevada Impact: Roe v. Wade draft leak

Nevada Impact: Roe v. Wade draft leak

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS)- One day following a leaked draft opinion document showing the majority of Supreme Court justices believe there is no constitutional right to abortion services reaction has been pouring in from Nevada state leaders and doctors.

Some of those who have spoken out on the matter locally say the issue could impact all women and have an even bigger effect on women of color.

Steve Sisolak governor of Nevada spoke out on Monday evening following the news of the leaked document.

“Women should have control over their own bodies. Let me make this perfectly clear as long as I am governor in the state of Nevada I will do everything in my power to protect women’s rights to choose, everything,” he said.

Jacky Rosen Nevada democratic senator took to Twitter to speak out on the matter.

“These unprecedented and dangerous attacks on reproductive rights can’t go unanswered. It’s time to codify roe into law,” she said.

Adam Laxalt the republican candidate for the senate also described his stance.

“If the leaked draft reflects the Supreme Court’s ultimate decision, it would constitute a historic victory for the sanctity of life,” Laxalt stated.

Jesus Marquez is a Nevada republican analyst and says those responsible for the leak should be held responsible.

“I’m confident this will happen, maybe June. This is showing how elections have consequences. Donald Trump nominated 3 of the Supreme Court justices,” Marquez tells 8 News Now. “In the history of the court we have never had any leaks like this and we have had controversial decision.”

If the decision was overturned, Nevada protection enacted in 1990 would still apply.

Dr. Nika Vizcarra says she is not surprised after seeing how abortion rights have been under attack for years.

“Those who really need it are already marginalized and have difficulties accessing healthcare. Our black women, indigenous people of color, young and transgender as well,” Dr. Vizcarra said. “This would be terrible for our overall health because we know that abortion is extremely safe as an option for pregnancy.”

On Tuesday afternoon in a virtual news conference Aaron Ford the Nevada Attorney General said his office will stand up to protect the constitutional rights of all Nevadans.

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