Police release fact-finding review involving NSP Trooper Micah May

Police release fact-finding review involving NSP Trooper Micah May

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A fact-finding review was held on Monday regarding the case of Douglas Claiborne, 60, the man accused of killing Nevada State Police Trooper Micah May during a pursuit on I-15 in July of 2021.

The review revealed how law enforcement came to the decision to shoot Claiborne during the deadly confrontation.

Jason Leavitt is a Metro police detective and described the scene during the incident.

“The person was described as being distraught and holding up a butcher style knife,” Leavitt said.

Investigators say the incident all started with a carjacking in the valley that day.

“The descedant did not stop for troopers and that initiated the pursuit,” Leavitt added.

The pursuit then went on for 42 minutes, according to investigators.

During the fact-finding review investigators also showed a video of the moment Trooper Micah May was hit and when troopers did a pit maneuver before opening fire.

Another angle of the incident taken from a patrol car dash camera, showed Trooper May running before he was hit.

“Trooper Micah May attempted to set up stop sticks on I15 southbound,” Leavitt added.

Investigators say four officers opened fire on Claiborne.

“The officers in their statements commented specifically that they could see the suspect grabbing for Trooper May’s weapon,” he said.

Michael Dickerson is the Chief Deputy District Attorney and presented the details of Claiborne’s toxicology report which revealed a large amount of meth in his system.

“In this instance the descedants levels being 9,000 nanograms per milliliter it is fair to say it is extremely high,” Dickerson said.

Trooper May died two days after being hit.

Investigators added that they didn’t know if Claiborne intentionally hit the trooper or not.

The hearing ended with written public questions.

Michel Dickerson, Chief Deputy District Attorney: Did the trooper who was struck by the suspect violate safety protocol by crossing multiple lanes of traffic exposing himself from a protected position in order to deploy stop sticks?

Jason Leavitt, LVMPD Detective: I can not speak to NHP training or policies on what or what would not be a violation of safety protocols.

The reason for the public hearing is to provide information as to why the use of force was appropriate in the incident.

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