Teacher Appreciation Week: CCSD sports medicine teacher paves path for students

Teacher Appreciation Week: CCSD sports medicine teacher paves path for students

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — During National Teacher Appreciation Week, 8 News Now is highlighting another educator in the Clark County School District.

We’re focusing on a sports medicine teacher who is a stand-out, introducing the field to high schoolers.

Students are learning sports medicine at Southeast Technical Academy from their teacher Alexandra Forshee.

“The kids start in my program, freshman year, and I have the opportunity to have them through senior year,” Forshee said.

During those four years, she teaches them to diagnose, rehab, and get people back to physical activity.

“This year, one of the things that has really been the highlight because of the pandemic is students coming back and being so excited to do everything related to our subject,” she continued.

Principal Ryan Cordia said Forshee makes sure the students get an internship their senior year and prepares them for their future.

“Ms. Forshee is one of the best,” he said. “She just really created a pathway that shortens the timeline from high school graduation, the timeline to getting paid as a professional. Her kids are lucky to have her, and we’re lucky to have her here at Southeast Tech.”

“They wanted to choose someone they felt really worked with the kids outside the box, they felt like I was  really good choice with that, because of what I do with my seniors in the sports medicine program, and getting them ability to go out to medical facilities and observe real patients, how that whole process goes,” Forshee continued. “Just knowing that I’ve had a little piece of that puzzle, to hopefully see them one day working as a medical professional is very rewarding.”

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