Las Vegas police say murder victim found in barrel at Lake Mead was shot, clothes date to '70s

Las Vegas crime writers discuss body found in barrel at Lake Mead

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Questions have been swirling across the valley after the discovery of a body in a barrel at Lake Mead.

8 News Now spoke to two crime writers about the barrel mystery, and they can’t help but wonder what will unfold next and what other discoveries this could lead to.

Anthony Smith and Meagan Madden created “Mayhem in the Desert,” where they write about Las Vegas’ past murders and crime, including many mob-related killings.

“I think once they start finding things in Lake Mead that maybe a lot of crimes will be connected or possibly solved, because really right now we have no idea what’s out there, I mean, we can all guess what we think is out there,” Madden said.

“That tie between Las Vegas and organized crime, when something like this happens, it triggers that nerve and raises that interest all over again,” Smith added.

Madden said she believes that there is a lot more to come from the lake.

“The drought is happening, we are going to find a lot of stuff at the bottom of Lake Mead,” Madden continued.

“Once they can identify the victim, maybe they can make some of the connections and see who may have been responsible or activities the person was involved with,” Smith added. “The touch of putting the body in the barrel, that does seem like something you see from like the New York mafia murders or things like that.”

People we spoke with at Lake Mead said that they will be paying closer attention to the items they come across in the lake and around it.

“I dive and I haven’t seen any bodies underwater, I’ve seen sunken boats and fish,” said Boulder City resident Todd Ream. “If I came across something like that, it would probably scare the heck out of me. We’ve been swimming with that for the last couple 40 years, I guess.”

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