Nevada's diversity cited as Democrats tout state for first presidential contest

Nevada’s diversity cited as Democrats tout state for first presidential contest

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Nevada Democrats are one step closer to making the nation’s first presidential primary of the 2024 election cycle happen in the Silver State.

State Democrats formally submitted a letter of intent to the Democratic National Committee this week, pointing to the state’s diversity as a good reason for putting Nevada out front.

“Although breaking from tradition is never easy, Nevada has a powerful argument to make to the DNC that this is the right choice for our party and for the entire country,” according to a news release from state Democrats.

Iowa currently has the first voice in selecting candidates with the Iowa caucuses, and New Hampshire is second with its presidential primary.

Iowa is just over 90% white, 3.7% Black and 2.4% Asian.

New Hampshire is nearly 93% white, 2.6% Asian and 1.6% Black.

By contrast, Nevada is 47.4% white, 9.4% Black and 9.2% Asian/Pacific Islander.

“Without question, Nevada’s broad demographic, geographic, economic diversity, and battleground status make us uniquely qualified for the critical role of shaping the direction of the race to the White House,” Nevada Democrats argue.

“Making Nevada the first-in-the-nation primary would benefit the entire country, ensuring that voice is given to a truly representative cross-section of the American public and laying the groundwork for winning our battleground state – and the White House – in the general election,” the news release said.

Judith Whitmer, Nevada State Democratic Party chair, wrote the letter of intent. “Now is the time to move our battleground state to the front of the nominating calendar for future presidential election cycles,” she said.

Whitmer said Nevada’s demographics provide a test for candidates and their “ability to prove they can put together the broad coalition needed to win the general election in battleground states.”

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