Mother’s Day preparations impacted by post-pandemic inflation

Mother’s Day preparations impacted by post-pandemic inflation

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — With Mother’s Day on the horizon, some floral companies are facing post-pandemic challenges in preparation for the big day.

Michelle Joy Howard is the founder of Flora Couture and says during the pandemic a lot of farms closed which put a damper on product availability.

“I have never seen inflation affect flowers the way the pandemic has caused this along with everything else we’ve seen the past couple of years,” she said. The change that we’ve just seen is drastic. We’re talking anywhere from 20 to 40 percent difference in the price of flowers.”

Howard’s sister Debra Newson Bavina is the owner of Las Vegas Floral and Plant Wholesale.

Bavina tells 8 News Now that inflation is hurting the industry and driving prices out of control.

“Gas prices are affecting the price of flowers. The cost of labor, the cost of fertilizer. A lot of the very rich fertilizers come out of Russia and Ukraine,” Bavina said.

Yet she says she refuses to let it stop her from fulfilling orders and getting flowers in the hands of loved ones.

“You know overall we’ve been able to fulfill 95% of our orders. There have been a few shortages but thank goodness, our clientele has been amazing. Everybody understands we all work together,” she added.

Because a single flower can make a big impact on an emotional heart.

“They bring out emotions more than anything else. Whether it is self-care or you’re trying to give your emotions to somebody else. We love it and we love to make life bloom,” Howard said.

She also advises those looking to buy a beautiful bouquet for that special someone on Mother’s Day to get those flower deliveries in early.

Although roses are a very popular choice for Mother’s Day most florists currently have a limited stock of inventory. They recommend asking for a different floral arrangement if the first choice of florals isn’t available.

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