Safety tips before hitting Lake Mead over Mother’s Day weekend

Safety tips before hitting Lake Mead over Mother’s Day weekend

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the weather heats up, places like Lake Mead are sure to be busy, and safety is important to keep in mind while you relax and cool off.

Families are expected to gather at Lake Mead for Mother’s Day weekend.

At Boulder Beach, staying safe is key. Whether it’s having the proper gear, like life jackets, or making sure you have people around you while in the water, it’s crucial to be prepared.

One important tip is to leave the pool toys at home. They can easily fly away, especially with high winds expected over the weekend.

Also, make sure to wear bright or reflective colors to make it easy for people and other boaters to see you while swimming.

As for boaters like John Lano from Minnesota, he said being respectful of other riders on the water makes all the difference.

“We have tons of boats and even though we have a lot, people don’t have boating etiquette, so there are boats really close together and they are creating huge waves for each other,” Lano said. “Unstable situation, especially if you get alcohol involved.”

Another thing to be aware of is making sure your boat is fully equipped so it can run properly and avoid being left stranded.

Also, plan ahead for which ramp you want to take and don’t bring too many items to keep track of to make it an easy trip.

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