'We can't breathe,' Las Vegas woman says black mold in housing complex causing health issues

‘We can’t breathe,’ Las Vegas woman says black mold in housing complex causing health issues

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Families living in a North Las Vegas housing complex are dealing with a black mold problem and they believe management isn’t doing enough to fix the issue.

Shaquaiya Armstrong said the black mold is making it nearly impossible for her and her family to live in their home.

Shaquaiya Armstrong discusses the mold problem in her home. (KLAS)

“Every time we walk inside we get congested, we get stuffy, and we can’t breathe,” she said. “This can cost someone their life you know. God forbid that has to happen for someone to tear the complex down and rebuild it.”

Armstrong has lived in the Rose Garden Townhomes for almost four years. She said she has notified management many times about the mold.

There are eight units where mold is being removed. (KLAS)

“Just because it’s low income, no income, they house people here and they never fix the situation,” she added.

8 News Now learned that management for the townhome has changed throughout the years. Fairstead Management took over in September of 2021.

Shaquaiya Armstrong and her children have been moved from their unit to a hotel. (KLAS)

8 News Now went to the leasing office where a manager said they are aware of the issue and that some apartments also have asbestos.

An email from the corporate management team states they only became aware of the problem in April and took immediate action.

Armstrong said the statement isn’t true.

“They come in every month or so and nothing is fixed,” she expressed.

Armstrong showed 8 News Now several work orders for plumbing issues which could be the cause of the mold.

“It’s at a point where I’m scared. You know, we even have rats going through the walls,” she said.

According to the management, eight units have a mold problem and those families have been moved to a hotel, including Armstrong, who was moved on Thursday and will be there through the weekend. Property management expects the issues to be resolved by next week and released the following statement:

We take the responsibility of improving this community very seriously and are committed to making sure it can be a great place to live in Las Vegas

Rose Garden Townhomes Property Management

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