What’s Cool At School? – A Career Day On Wheels

What’s Cool At School? – A Career Day On Wheels

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LAS VEGAS ( KLAS ) – A Career Day – on wheels!

While all elementary school career days include great conversations about what grown-ups do (along with tap dancing around questions about how much you get paid and what kind of car you drive), not many include mobile news vans, or police officers with their motorcycles.

Ron Futrell and I talked to hundreds of students at John Hummel Elementary the other day, not only explaining how the 8NewsNow van gets the news to you from just about anywhere, but also showing the students the computer, video screens and all the buttons, knobs and dials that make it happen.

We even did a decent job of making some of them feel like part of the 8NewsNow team as they shouted: “Live! Local! Now!”

Also at that career day: firefighters in full gear attacking a wrecked car to show the life rescue process, as well as a Fedex truck and driver, and a construction crane and operator. Thanks to Hummel for having us!

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