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Richard Bryan is one of a kind | LETTER

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As a longtime resident of Nevada, I saw the recent article about Dick Bryan retiring from the practice of law. It recalled for me a different time, when representatives weren’t strictly selected by party majorities to unwaveringly carry out party dogma — or else. Rather, political beliefs were certainly part of the evaluation during an election but also weighed was a candidate’s ability to balance differing views with common sense and to conclude — often through compromise — what was best for the country, the state and constituents, which is not always in sync.

Sen. Richard Bryan did all this. He was a good one to be sure. He was hardworking, honest and ethical and amazing in his total recall of all those he met — and did it all with a masterful sense of humor, something else that is void from most every other politician on the scene these days. Yes, Frank, he made it a very good year.

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