Paddleboarders talk about discovering human remains at Lake Mead

Las Vegas scuba shop sees more customers after human remains found at Lake Mead

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — There have been two sets of skeletal remains found at Lake Mead within the past week.

The first was discovered inside a barrel at Hemenway Harbor, and the second set of remains was found over the weekend about 10 miles from the water near Callville Bay.

A Las Vegas scuba shop, Sin City Scuba, told 8 News Now that the remains found are keeping them busy, and that curiosity is attracting customers looking to explore the lake.

“This is probably one of the most positive buzzes around scuba diving locally in a long time,” said staff instructor Donnie Cox. “There is a big difference between recreational diving and underwater criminal investigation where you don’t know what you don’t know.”

He noted that exploring can be dangerous if a person isn’t equipped correctly or is unfamiliar with the area, as Lake Mead has so much history underwater.

“If someone was to help with a search, you have to know how to use a compass,” he continued. “The visibility is probably the biggest limiting factor, but with the water level dropping, things are becoming more and more accessible.”

National Park Service officials said that safety is key.

“This wind event was critical over the weekend,” said spokesperson Matt Stark. “We had calls from people being distressed, lost, and overturned kayaks. The hazards of the lake never go away.”

The investigation is still underway to identify the two bodies discovered. Metro police said the most recent discovery shows no signs of foul play.

The first set of remains inside the barrel, however, does show signs of foul play. The victim is believed to have been shot and killed in the late 1970s.

National Park Service officials said that as the busy season is approaching at the lake, it’s important to prioritize your safety. They said that if you do happen to find something, don’t remove it, and instead call 911.

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