Desert Survival: What to take with you

Desert Survival: Picking the right trail

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — In part three of this desert survival series, 8 News Now talked with Donald Moore of Red Rock Search and Rescue about the importance of picking the right trail. I’s a decision that could help keep your entire group safe.

“Let’s say you’re an experienced hiker and you’re bringing along your kids, or if you’re new to Vegas or visiting Las Vegas, there are a lot of trails that are very challenging, and some trails that are very easy,” Moore told 8 News Now. “We always want to select a trail that will meet the least fit person, or youngest person in our group. And we want to hike at a pace that will be appropriate for that person. We don’t want to walk too fast or at a pace that would wear someone out, and we want to take breaks. Water breaks, food breaks, for our weakest person on our group. So we always suggest people hike in groups. Four is a great number, because if someone does become injured, twists an ankle, someone could stay with them, two people could walk down and get help or walk up and get cell phone coverage, and those two people are safe, and these two people are safe.”

Point your camera at the QR code below to learn how you can help Red Rock Search and Rescue.

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