Desert Survival: What to take with you

Desert Survival: Ten things to put in your pack

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Warmer weather is here and if you’re headed out on the trails this weekend — there are ten things you should carry in your pack.

“It’s not that you’re going to use them every time, but when an emergency happens, it’s good to be prepared,” Red Rock Search and Rescue member Donald Moore told 8 News Now. “It doesn’t take a lot of weight, even on a day hike, 2 or 3 or 4 essentials. I’ve set some things out here — a hiking guide or a map book, a compass, your GPS will get you around, you’ll also want to get sun protection, wearing a hat, having sun protection and insect repellent. You need to have enough water for your hike to go up and back and have a little extra if you spill. Three layers of clothing – if you sweat you can take something off, have a hat, a jacket. First aid is the last thing, take care of a sprain, a break, all of this fits into a small daypack.”

Point your camera at the QR code below to learn how you can help Red Rock Search and Rescue.

Red Rock Search and Rescue QR Code

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