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Veterans Village is indeed a rat’s nest | LETTER

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Regarding the May 8 Review-Journal article by Breanna Erickson about Arnold Stalk and Veterans Village:

I lived at VV this time of year in 2015-16. Merideth Spriggs, founder of Caridad, helped me step out of street life (drunk on Fremont) and into sobriety. Merideth is still my “Moses,” and I am a firsthand witness to “The Exodus” of me, a dead man, walking into society free and contributing to other lost souls who want life of the living.

Ms. Erickson’s article depicting VV as a rat’s nest of bed bugs, cockroaches and poor plumbing is accurate. I lived at VV for three months and complained on a regular basis. When I threatened to go public, I got the boot. Merideth encouraged me. VV management? Their sins will find them out.

The truth in this article has vindicated my Vet Village experience. That poor old apt complex should be demolished. In the meantime Merideth and Caridad have my full endorsement.

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