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SNHD data shows uptick in COVID-19 cases ahead of summer breaks

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The latest data shows that COVID-19 cases are on the rise, and even testing sites are noticing more tests are coming back positive.

Health experts are keeping an eye on the recent increase in cases, and have said that it’s much worse than expected.

As much as we want it to be over, COVID-19 still exists.

“This week we’ve seen a big uptick,” said Isaac Farrell with IC Labs in Henderson. “We’ve started to see it last week, and as of this week we’re at about a 20% positive rate, to me that’s high.”

Farrell said the testing site is seeing more positive test results.

“To me, this uptick is like wow, we really need to get the word out,” Farrell said.

The latest Southern Nevada Health District Data showed the 7-day moving average is up to 286 cases a day as of May 15, which is up from a few months ago when we were seeing 78.

Hospitals have reported increases, but it isn’t stressing the system, according to the Nevada Hospital Association.

“We’re seeing increases in cases and increases in positivity rates, more than we would like to see,” said SNHD Communicable Disease Manager Kimberly Franich.

Franich said almost all the positive cases are a subvariant of the Omicron strain, and it’s much more transmissible. She noted that cases are higher than reported due to the availability of home tests.

“Many of those people testing positive aren’t going and getting the PCR testing, so we know the numbers that we have are severely underreported, at least 50%,” she said.

Franich said hospitalizations typically follow the waves of positive test increases. She said they are prepared if more testing sites are needed.

“We’re prepared to expand hours, expand our capacity as needed, should we continue to see this climb,” she continued.

With summer breaks starting and Memorial Day weekend around the corner, experts have said it’s crucial to test if you think you have the virus to stop the spread.

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