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Satisfying people’s needs by enaction rent control in North Las Vegas | LETTER

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While businesses are reporting they are unable to get workers, I see “help wanted” signs all over the valley, from resort casinos to fast-food establishments. But it’s almost impossible to accept a job offer if you don’t have a place to live. Job hunters need a place to shower, sleep, eat, etc. But rent prices are making it impossible for most job seekers to live somewhere.

In your Thursday article on the Culinary union’s rent control ballot initiative for North Las Vegas, you quoted Susy Vasquez, executive director of the Nevada State Apartment Association, as saying, “With rent control in place, development and economic opportunities are tailored to satisfy needs, rather than offer opportunities for growth.”

What’s wrong with satisfying needs? People need an affordable place to live first. Then they can be part of the growth.

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