Las Vegas teen graduates early from top magnet school

Las Vegas teen graduates early from top magnet school

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— On Thursday, May 26 Quiaylah Johnson will graduate with honors from southeast career technical academy, but she says because of covid, it wasn’t an easy task.

“I want people to see that through all the adversities and challenges they can still make it,” said Quiaylah, “with the pandemic, and me graduating early my junior year, I didn’t get the chance to apply for scholarships.”

Her mother, Quiana Johnson is proud of her daughter and says her success is just the beginning “she dealt with a lot of hardships,” said Johnson. “she dealt with a lot of challenges in her life.”

When Quiaylah was a freshman, her mother had a heart attack leaving Quiaylah to stay home from school and care for her younger brother.

But words of encouragement enabled Quiaylah to stay strong, and keep going, eventually graduating with a 3.6 GPA.

If you would like to support Quiaylah’s journey to college, visit this link.

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