Surveillance video shows southwest valley business robbed for the 2nd time

Surveillance video shows southwest valley business robbed for the 2nd time

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Surveillance video shows robbers cleaning out the register and shelves while holding employees at gunpoint at the same southwest valley business that was targeted three years ago.

Two robbers targeted the Smokes Mart Shop just after midnight on Tuesday.

Minh Fearnley and his wife own the store and have been operating since 2015. Since their first experience dealing with an armed robbery, they’ve made some changes.

“Yeah, we we added additional cameras. We got over 30 something cameras both inside and outside, ” Fearnley said.

They also installed a new crime-fighting tool: DNA security solutions.

“They spray the invisible ink,” he said.

But that tool wasn’t enough when the robbers came in.

“They were waiting outside, so the door was open when they came in,” he said.

Surveillance video showed what appears to be two young men entering the store, pulling out a gun, and taking money from the registers.

“Ah, pretty upset.  Obviously of what happened to our staff and one of our customers that walked in during the middle of the robbery,” Fearnley continued.

He said they’re proud of their staff for not escalating the situation.

“There’s nothing in here that’s worth anybody getting hurt over, so they did exactly just that,” he said. “If you committed a crime, you will do the time.”

As they get ready to expand next door and open Silver Spoon Café and Lounge, they said they’ll be extremely prepared.

The owners also said that police mentioned another robbery nearby, and are now considering hiring armed security for the safety of customers and employees.

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