Thief accused of stealing gumball machine from Las Vegas restaurant

Thief accused of stealing gumball machine from Las Vegas restaurant

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A Las Vegas restaurant owner has a message for a thief he says took a unique item from his establishment and it was all caught on surveillance video.

Kevin Mills is the owner of the Omelet House on Charleston and Rancho and says he can’t understand the motive behind the robbery that took place on Thursday.

“I just want to let it go if they give me my stuff back,” Mills said.

He says the incident started when a man and woman entered the restaurant and spoke to his general manager.

“They came in and claimed they were here three weeks prior and left a black Chanel purse at one of our tables,” Mills added.

Nick Cosgrove tells 8 News Now, that the couple seemed nervous and failed to give specific details about that visit, and refused to leave their contact information

The couple then walked away, however moments later the man came back inside the restaurant unbothered he was being recorded.

“At the beginning of the video, he sits down on the bench and notices the machines are not stuck to the ground. He grabs this machine and moves it back and forth. Grabs the handle to this one and does the same thing,” he tells 8 News Now.

Then Mills says the man grabbed the gumball machine and carried it away into his car before driving off.

“I’m just shocked by it, a gumball machine doesn’t make any sense to me,” he added. “My kids enjoy it and the owner’s grandkids enjoy it. It’s just a shame for the kids who like putting something in and getting something back.”

Mills says the gumball machine is worth $1,400 and had about $20 in quarters inside of it.

He also tells 8 News Now if those involved return the item and apologize, he will most likely not pursue things any further.

Metro Police say the incident is part of an ongoing investigation at this time.

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