Local businesses struggling to hire summer workers

Local businesses struggling to hire summer workers

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The summer hiring season is well underway but not without challenges this year. Many businesses are looking to hire but are having a tough time finding candidates.

Huntington Jewelers is one of the many businesses looking to hire people. While the owner said there have been quite a few applicants but finding the right person for long-term employment has been a challenge.

“We’re opening a second location in Summerlin and we’re looking for half a dozen people to fill positions in all different aspects of the business,” said owner Jenny O’Calleri, Huntington Jewelry.

Hospitality coach Michelle Kline says they’re not the only company being selective during the hiring process.

“Whether they come from other industries where they don’t have the training or they don’t know what hospitality means, then you have to make an extra effort to retain them,” she said.

Kline adds inflation has also made it difficult for applicants and employers. Most small business owners can’t afford to raise wages.

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