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Las Vegas locals opt for staycations amid inflation, high gas prices

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As costs continue to climb across the country, many have opted to take vacations here at home, as WalletHub recently ranked Las Vegas as the number six spot across the country for ‘staycations.’

We all know Las Vegas as the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World,’ but for many of us, it’s also home, which means it’s a good time to take advantage of all our city has to offer. 

“Staying at home is pretty good,” Catherine Garrett told 8 News Now. 

Inflation is still raging and gas prices continue to climb, so many are opting for ‘staycations.’
“Vacations, staycations,” Garrett said of Las Vegas. “I don’t know if you really would have to leave here.”

A recent WalletHub survey ranked Las Vegas as the sixth-best city in the country for staycations, with nightlife and hiking options listed as top factors. 

Certified Financial Planner Mahesh Odhrani said staying home for a vacation doesn’t just cut travel costs and give your wallet a break, it also provides a big boost for our local economy. 

“By spending the money by staying locally, we are able to keep the money in our local economy,” Odhrani said. “That’s the beauty of being in Vegas, it’s a great place, it’s the Entertainment Capital of the World.”

Therefore, if you’re planning your next summer getaway, but want to save a few bucks, consider taking a trip to our very own, beautiful backyard. 

“It’s there if you want it,” Garrett concluded of Las Vegas. 

Of the factors, WalletHub listed, nightlife options were the best here locally, with restaurant costs considered the worst regarding staycations. 

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