Vegas Loop could expand further into Las Vegas

Vegas Loop could expand further into Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — A plan is on the table for another public transportation option to get to downtown Las Vegas.

The Boring Company said it wants to expand the Vegas loop into city limits.

The loop is already in operation for conventions and is being expanded, but visitors said that having another option to get downtown would be nice.

Visitor from Indiana Tom Rogers said it would help make getting to Fremont Street easier.

“We’re just here on a little vacation. Being from out of town, we aren’t familiar with the streets,” Rogers said. “We actually were looking for the monorail system to get down here, but it only goes 3.5 miles and it stops.”

The Boring Company’s plan is to extend it around the Strip, and according to a proposal, also the City of Las Vegas.

On June 15, the Las Vegas City Council will consider the proposal to allow the Boring Company to dig under Las Vegas Boulevard and up to Fremont street.

“It’s usually an Uber or a Lyft, and those prices keep going up,” said Missouri visitor Jerry Bolla.

Bolla noted that the idea of a Tesla going through tunnels is appealing.

“It’s interesting, seems to be the future I guess,” he said.

According to the proposed map, the tunnels connecting the Convention Center to Resorts World and Encore are already underway. It also shows a proposed tunnel to eventually go to the airport.

Rogers is on the fence about the tunnel idea — he said he wonders why the monorail never came downtown.

“I think a monorail extension would be better,” Rogers said. “The underground tunnels, I don’t know.”

The City Council will discuss the expansion to the city later this month.

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