Deadly crashes in Las Vegas up 12% over last year, police say

Deadly crashes in Las Vegas up 12% over last year, police say

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Las Vegas Metro police have released traffic statistics for the first five months of 2022 and it shows most types of crashes are up compared to 2021 at this time.

The statistics show the difference from Jan. 1, 2022, through Jun. 3, 2022 compared to the same timeframe in 2021.

Of all collisions, Metro worked there has been an 8.1% increase over 2021. In 2021 metro responded to 8,107 collisions and in 2022 it responded to 8,531 collisions. This averages out to approximately 56 a day in 2022.


Deadly crashes are up 12.7% over last year (some crashes had multiple deaths). Metro reports it has responded to 62 this year compared to 55 last year. Deaths in these crashes are up 12.3% with 64 this year compared to 57 last year at this time.

Out of all of those deaths, deaths due to DUI are down 34.5%. That is down from 29 at this time in 2021 compared to 19 so far in 2022.

Of all the deadly crashes pedestrians have been killed more this year so far. There have been 24 this year compared to 19 in 2022. Following pedestrians are motorcycle/moped crashes, drivers, passengers, and bicyclists.

Motorcycle/moped-related deaths are up 15.4% this year.


Out of all the deadly crashes the two causes being seen the most this year are failure to yield and pedestrian error. While speeding is not the cause of most of the deadly crashes this year, speed-related deadly crashes are up 71.4% compared to last year.


Metro has been kept busy this year making DUI arrests, but not as busy as last year. According to the new statistics Metro has arrested 16.1% fewer drivers this year for DUI.

In 2021 Metro made 2,690 arrests during this time period compared to 2,257 this year, or an approximate average of 15 DUI arrests a day in 2022.

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