Guidebook helps young adults navigate through life

Guidebook helps young adults navigate through life

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — Many young adults face economic challenges following the pandemic. There is a local nonprofit, Project Real, that wants to help young people with a new guidebook called “Government, Independence & You.”

Already the nonprofit given away nearly 3,000 copies.

The guide explains all the laws that are very likely to impact the lives of 18-25-year-olds. While the nonprofit is unable to provide legal advice, it does provide practical fact-checked information that helps prepare young adults to give them an economic and professional leg-up. 

The topics covered include job interviews, credit development, healthy adult relationships, and even how to prepare to meet with a lawyer. 

“We wanted something that was going to be conversational that when they started reading it, they were going to keep reading it so they can learn in-depth about the things they needed to know to be successful as independent adults,” said Mike Kamer, project real senior director.

“I had to apply for my very first lease and that was pretty scary. It shouldn’t seem scary at all but it was and I had to call the gas company and this guide was really helpful in clearing up the murky confusion that comes with that,” said Dorothy Hassey, a former intern at Project Real.

Throughout June and into July, high school graduates and their families can pick up free copies of Government, Independence, & You while copies last from Project Real’s office by appointment. Their phone number is (702) 703-6529.

You can pick up a free book at any Clark County library. Here is a link to library locations.

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