Nevada issues fewer hunting tags due to less wildlife

Nevada issues fewer hunting tags due to less wildlife

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— Hunting tags are down this year in Nevada due to diminishing wildlife populations.

The reduced number of tags reflects a downward trend in the wildlife population statewide, mainly due to excessive drought conditions, and habitat loss or conversion resulting from wildfires and urbanization.

Antelope: 3,484 in 2021 versus 3,164 in 2022 (9.2% lower).

Mule deer: 16,240 in 2021 versus 15,177 in 2022 (6.5% lower).

Elk: 4,724 in 2021 versus 3,908 in 2022 (17.3% lower).

Desert bighorn: 450 in 2021 versus 379 in 2022 (15.8% lower).

California bighorn: 56 in 2021 versus 51 in 2022 (8.9% lower).

These numbers include both resident and non-resident tags, as well male and female tags for each species.

The quotas were approved by the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners during their yearly meeting, in which scientific input from wildlife biologists is considered.

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