'We plan ahead,' NV Energy's generating station prepares months in advance for summer season demand

‘We plan ahead,’ NV Energy’s generating station prepares months in advance for summer season demand

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — As the extreme heat ramps up in Las Vegas, 8 News Now took a tour of one of NV Energy’s largest power plants Friday to see how they handle the high demand.

As the triple-digit heat ramps up, we are all using a lot more electricity to cool down. 

NV Energy Edward R. Clark Generating Station (KLAS)

“We run a lot more units during the summertime,” Faday Atala, Operations Manager of the NV Energy Edward R. Clark Generating Station said. 

Power plants across Southern Nevada must work a little harder during our hottest months to keep up with the increased demand. 

According to Atala, the Clark Generating Station, which runs on natural gas and steam turbines fueled by grey water, generates power for about 235,000 homes. 

The location houses 19 generating units, which each power about 10,600 homes across the valley.

“We maintain these units,” Atala explained to 8 News Now Anchor Sasha Loftis. “We keep them top notch, to be operational for the summer months.”

NV Energy Edward R. Clark Generating Station (KLAS)

This maintenance is especially crucial, as triple digits take over and everyone cranks up the air conditioner.

In fact, Atala and his team spend the rest of the year preparing for the intensity of the summer months. 

“We forecast how much power we need for the summer season,” he explained. “And we plan ahead.”

They also always have a backup option when more electricity is needed. 

“We also have power purchasing rights to the other power plants,” Atala said. “To be able to support the summer season.”

Therefore, the next time you go to turn down the thermostat, know these types of generators are working overtime around the city to make sure we all survive the extreme weather these next few months. 

“We are well positioned to provide power to all the valley,” Atala concluded. 

To save energy during extreme heat, NV Energy recommends keeping your home thermostat around 78 degrees and closing windows and blinds to keep the sun out. 

NV Energy has more energy-saving tips on its website.

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