NV Energy issues Public Safety Outage Management Warning for Mt. Charleston area.

Power on Mt. Charleston likely to be shut off Friday morning

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – NV Energy has issued a Public Safety Outage Management (PSOM) warning for Mt. Charleston. This includes Kyle Canyon and Angel Peak areas.

NV Energy says it is “highly likely” that the power outage will begin Friday morning at 9 and continue through Saturday around 9 a.m.

The outage timeframe would include the duration of the weather event, plus the time it takes crews to inspect power lines for damage, vegetation, and debris, before restoring power. These timeframes are subject to change based on weather conditions and potential repairs to equipment.

The outage would affect nearly 470 customers in the area. Those who are impacted by the power outage have been notified by phone and email. NV Energy will continue to monitor conditions and provide customers with real-time updates.

A Customer Resource Center will be available at the Retreat on Charleston Peak, located at 2755 Kyle Canyon Rd., Mt. Charleston, NV 89124 during the PSOM event.

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