Hells Angels' freeway shooting outside Las Vegas may have been retaliation for murder

Trial date set for Hells Angels arrested for highway shooting

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HENDERSON (KLAS) — A trial date has been set for the three men affiliated with the Hells Angels who were arrested for shooting at members of a rival motorcycle group. At this time the three men will be tried at the same time.

According to court records, the jury trial has been scheduled for September 6, 2022.

A grand jury indicted the three men one week ago.

The men facing charges are chapter leader Richard “Rizzo” Devries, 66, and prospects Stephen Alo, 46, and Russell Smith, 26.

All three men each face the following 19 charges:
– 6 counts Attempt Murder with a Deadly Weapon6 counts Battery with use of a Deadly Weapon causing Substantia Bodily Harm (criminal gang enhancement)
– 6 counts Discharge Gun at/into Occupied Structure/Vehicle (criminal gang enhancement)
– 1 count Conspiracy to Commit Murder with Deadly Weapon

Police said the shooting involved the two gangs in an incident that started at the Hoover Dam. According to an arrest report, six members of the Vagos gang were chased down and shot by Hells Angels following a veterans’ event.

The shooting may have been in retaliation for a murder last month, according to prosecutors in court earlier this month. “We know that about a month ago in San Bernadino, a Vagos did kill a Hells Angel,” prosecutor Danielle Pieper Chio told the judge.

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