Car rental alternatives in Las Vegas

Car rental alternatives in Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS)— Whether booking a car rental for vacation or while a car is being fixed, consumers have noticed the difficulty of renting a vehicle without spending a fortune.

As summer travel approaches, locals like Adele Newberry say they just need a ride for while their car is in the shop. But, every time she looked, the prices seemed to climb. “Every time I looked the prices got higher and higher,” she says, “so whenever I switched platforms the price would go down.”

The process to find a rental car on a week’s notice has become a challenge, with many having to book it out months in advance.

That’s where companies like Turo step in. Described as the world’s largest car-sharing marketplace, guests have the option to choose from a selection of over 1300 makes and models.
Prices vary, but finding an affordable and available car on a week’s notice is very possible.

“We are in well-over, 7500 cities including las vegas where you can book from local hosts,” says Albert Mangahas, chief data officer at Turo.

Mikey Delrosario, a Las Vegas local, recalls using the service just after lockdown during the pandemic and says it helped him out so much that he decided to become a host himself. “It’s been going really well and it’s booked almost every day.”

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