Could inflation be causing shortage of pizza?

Could inflation be causing shortage of pizza?

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The next time you order a pizza, you may be paying more than usual. Some pizzeria owner’s have found it harder to get key ingredients.

Broadway Pizzeria has felt the effects of that shortage. Anthony Rossi, one of the co-owners, spoke with 8 News Now crews. He said that due to rising prices, his business could be in trouble.

“Are they ever going to come down?” Rossi was concerned. “You see the price of wheat, you got cheese, you got the poultry market, and it fluctuates. We have a fixed price.”

This means that the cost will be absorbed by the customer. But this isn’t the only problem that he’s faced.

“The city of Las Vegas has started to enforce the CO2 tanks that small businesses use when they serve soft drinks.”

Rossi said that this has cost him another $4000 in fees, just to serve fountain drinks from a machine, forcing him to raise his prices for the second time this year.

“On top of everything else, this is the worst possible timing for this,” Rossi said. “We don’t see end in sight here. That is the scary part for us, we don’t know.”

Rossi also said that his prices could go up 15 percent by the end of the summer, and due to inflation, some menu items will have to be cut.

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