Parents react to COVID vaccines for kids under five

Parents react to COVID vaccines for kids under five

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(WJET/WFXP/ — The price of gas is at historic levels. As the prices hold high, people may choose alternative modes of transportation in a bid to cut their fuel budget – for example, electric bikes, carpooling, or taking the bus. Children ages six months to five years old are now eligible to receive a new COVID vaccine. Local parents are having mixed reactions to the new guidelines from the CDC.

Here is more on what doctors have to say about vaccinating the younger population, as well as what parents are saying.

New COVID-19 vaccines for younger children are expected to be available later this week and local parents are having different opinions on how children should build up their immunity.

Children that range from six months to five-years-old are now eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine that is expected to be available later this week.

Doctors have obtained the smallest dosage available in order to get the needed immune response.

“Both are lower than even the five and above dose, but certainly significantly lower than adult doses,” said Dr. Pamela Schoemer, Director of Quality Safety and Operations, UPMC Children’s Community Pediatrics.

The vaccination schedule is expected to require two doses of the Moderna vaccine with both about a month apart, and three doses for the Pfizer vaccine with booster shots to follow at a later date.

Doctors anticipate the new vaccines to be highly effective for children even with the most severe case of COVID.

“This is highly affective against the most severe COVID. For adults some people can still get mild diseases after getting the vaccine, but the severity of cases that might end up in the hospital or with more outcomes, it is going to be protective against that,” said Dr. Schoemer.

After speaking with local parents, we received mixed reactions on if their kids will be getting the vaccine.

“Oh I want to yes. I was watching the reports and stuff and a lot of little kids that didn’t get vaccinated didn’t make it. I mean it’s too hard for them,” said James Kayler, Erie Resident.

“I’m not for it at all. I have four kids myself. They all get their immunization shots and that, but I feel like the COVID vaccine is unnecessary,” said Linzee Edinger, Erie Resident.

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Edinger believes that kids should be able to build their immunity naturally by being outside and exposed to germs.

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