Las Vegas man arrested after threatening to kill and eat police officers

Las Vegas man arrested after threatening to kill and eat police officers

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A Las Vegas man was arrested on Wednesday following an altercation with police in which he allegedly tried to provoke officers to fight him after being asked to leave the sidewalk where he was sleeping.

47-year-old Kenneth Prescott was taken into custody Wednesday night after allegedly threatening to fight officers, spitting on a patrol car, threatening to kill and eat them, and resisting arrest, according to his arrest report.

According to police, around midnight officers approached Prescott who was laying down on the sidewalk on Coran Lane and Cypress Trail near Texas Station Gambling Hall and Hotel asking him to get up. Prescott ignored the officers and proceeded to stare at them without saying a word. Both officers told Prescott that he needed to leave and was not allowed to sleep there. Prescott continued to ignore and stare at the officers.

When one of the officers asked Prescott what his name was he stated “John Doe” and that he did not have a name. When officers told Prescott that he would go to jail if he did not identify himself, Prescott became irate and began yelling obscenities at the officers, stating that he was not going to jail, according to his arrest report.

When both officers advised him that he again needed to leave, Prescott continued yelling until he stood up, walked over to the front of the marked patrol car, and spit on the patrol car, the report said.

The officers then ordered Prescott to come back and not walk away. According to police, Prescott was standing close to the officers when he clenched both of his hands into fists and told the officers “come on” and “I’m ready” as if he were challenging the officers to a fight.

Prescott ignored commands from officers and began to walk away repeating “come on.” Prescott then reached down to grab a large blunt rock. Officers then tased Prescott in attempts to keep Prescott from charging at them with the rock, according to police.

Prescott continued to ignore officers and walked away until he reached a bus stop, where he sat playing with the rock by tossing it up and down ignoring officers, the report said.

When more officers arrived and tried to make contact with Prescott he stated that he would kill and eat the officers.

Prescott went back to ignoring to officers when they tried to make dialogue. Officers then tried to use a “less than lethal shotgun” on Prescott, but it was ineffective. After continuing to ignore the officers Prescott set the rock next to him, however he did not move away from the rock or walk back to the officers. Officers then tased Prescott and took him into custody.

Prescott was placed under arrest for intimidating a Public Officer, resisting with a deadly weapon, and vagrancy. Prescott was arrested and transported to CCDC.

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