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Pro-choice advocates in Nevada fear influx of women seeking abortion treatment

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In Nevada, state law ensures abortions can be performed within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. Making it only one of a handful of states to still allow access to this procedure.
A representative of the Wild West Access fund of Nevada says more and more people will be coming to Nevada to seek access to abortion.

Utah has immediately banned abortions putting its trigger law into effect.
Wild west access fund board president Macy Haverda says banned abortions in neighboring states will have a direct effect on Nevada. “we here in Nevada may see people coming from out of state to access their care,” says Haverda. “we’ve seen people in the past coming from texas in particular but other states as well. We definitely anticipate seeing the number of people who check the out-of-state button.”

She says having more people rush in for abortion services will put a strain on our healthcare system.
“Now it will take longer to schedule an appointment, and with abortion, time is really of the essence.”

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