Couple says Range Rover stolen from valet at Paris Hotel in Las Vegas

Couple says Range Rover stolen from valet at Paris Hotel in Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– A California couple was looking forward to their weekend away in Las Vegas, but when they went to pick up their car from the valet they were told that their car was already checked out by someone else.

On Friday, June 24 Jennifer Marquecho and her husband check into the Paris Hotel and handed their car keys over to the valet.

According to Marquecho, the valet attendant told them “I will take care of it just like it is mine.”

The next day, she went back to the valet to pick up her car, only to find out that her Range Rover was no longer on the property.

“She said according to this ticket the car was checked out last night and I’m like what,” said Marquecho.

Marquecho was told that her car was checked out at 11:13 p.m. on Friday, the same night she checked into Paris Hotel.

“She said anyone can go to the kiosk and get your ticket and I said your kiosk has a little bit of a flaw in then, so you guys don’t ask for ID or anything?” Marquecho asked the help desk. 

Police were called to investigate the situation. Marquecho was able to track her car using an app and found it near Boulder Station Hotel and Casino in the east part of the valley. When they found her car, the license plate was already replaced with a fake one. There was no damage to the car but her personal documents and keys to her house were gone.

“I feel violated,” said Marquecho.

8 News Now asked attorney Eric Blank, what are your rights once you hand over your keys to a valet?

“They are now taking possession of that, and they are now responsible for that vehicle so your rights would be to receive your vehicle back in the same condition you released it to the valet,” Blank answered.

He also said it is always a good idea to have a tracking system in your car.

According to Marquecho, in regards to the people who took her car, police told her there would not be any arrests since her car was not involved in a crime, however, a police report was filed.

“I just wish something could be done you know so this doesn’t happen to anybody else because I would hate for them to live this nightmare,” Marquecho said.

8 News Now has reached out to Caesars Entertainment to get a clear picture of their valet protocols but has not heard back.

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