Raiders, Chargers answer questions after season opener

Raiders, Chargers answer questions after season opener

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INGLEWOOD, Calif. — A sampling of what was heard from the Raiders’ and Chargers’ locker rooms after Los Angeles’ 24-19 win Sunday at SoFi Stadium:

Q: Was it frustrating to not get a chance to actually throw the ball on that trick play when you got sacked?

Raiders receiver Davante Adams: “It was frustrating to lose yards. I’m not going into every game thinking I really want to throw the ball today, but that was obviously the design of that one, so I wish we could have got it off. It looked like Hunter (Renfrow) was covered anyway, so I’m not sure what that would have looked like. It’s definitely not how we drew it up, so next time we have to do a little better job.”

Q: How is your arm, though?

Davante Adams: “Amazing.”

Q: Were you disappointed that the team ran the ball only 13 times?

Raiders running back Josh Jacobs: “One thing I do know is that we’ll play however we feel is best for that game. One week we might run the ball a lot, and the next week we might throw the ball a lot. I feel like every guy on the team has bought into that, so how it played out is how it played out.”

Q: What was the key to your offensive line not allowing a sack?

Chargers coach Brandon Staley: “Well, the reason why Maxx (Crosby) and Chandler (Jones) have a lot of chatter is because they’ve earned it. They’re two of the top players in the league. Certainly, at the front of our minds. They both played really good games for them. They’re just really tough to play against. It takes all 11 to be able to take on those two guys. I thought that our offense really competed. I thought that our offensive line, (rookie) Zion (Johnson) in his first start, just going out there against a group like that and being able to perform. Those five guys playing together, our protection plan, that was outstanding. Justin (Herbert) using his legs, and the receivers and backs doing a good job of getting open. It was a tough game. It was just one of those tough NFL football games today. A well-played game by both teams.”

Q: What were your thoughts of the personal foul call on cornerback Nate Hobbs on a hit to Justin Herbert that gave the Chargers a new set of downs inside the Raiders’ 5-yard line.

Raiders coach Josh McDaniels: “Those are tough ones. I don’t think there was anything egregious on our part, in terms of what Nate was trying to do. I think he was just going to tackle the guy. If the runner has committed to the slide, then we must do everything that we can to pull off him as a tackler. I didn’t think anybody was trying to do something to hurt anybody. I think that is a common and difficult situation that a lot of defenders find themselves in.”

Q: What did you think of cornerback Bryce Callahan limiting Raiders wide receiver Hunter Renfrow to three catches for 21 yards?

Brandon Staley: “Bryce Callahan is one of the top inside defenders in the league, and he has been since 2015. You guys are all seeing why we brought him here and why we have so much faith and confidence in him. He’s a prime-time player, and he can do a lot of things out there that help you win games. I’m really proud of him. I know that taking the field with him, it’s a great feeling as a coach.”

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