Northwest valley residents see uptick in crime

Northwest valley residents see uptick in crime

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– Residents in the northwest valley have seen an uptick in strange and criminal behavior throughout their community.

From random people door knocking to car break-ins and thefts, residents have become increasingly concerned for their safety.

Lizeth Hernandez, a resident of Providence, told 8 News Now that her mother’s car had been stolen from their gated community on Sept. 1.

“I opened up my app and checked to see at 3:50 am, two suspects around the car,” said Hernandez. 

Her neighbor across the was victim to strange behavior as well. The incident was caught on camera, and Hernandez said two cars, one of which was her mother’s, pulled up next to one another.

“My neighbor around the corner of my house got the video of this Florida plate driver, and then my mom’s car side by side. They did a U-turn and then they both headed out,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez, posted about the incident on social media and soon realized she wasn’t alone. As the same vehicle involved in her car theft was seen around other parts of the community.

JoAnne, who told 8 News Now that she didn’t want to give her last name, lives in Providence as well, and had someone ring her doorbell asking for specific information.

“Someone had rung my doorbell and asked for me by name and asked for my husband by name,” JoAnne said, “and then told me they were with the NRA.”

“The plates matched the same car that Lizeth had posted on Facebook,”

JoAnne’s claimed these individuals drove around at all hours of the evening, sitting in their vehicles, potentially casing neighborhoods.

As for Hernandez’s mother’s car, she was able to get it back a week later, however, the vehicle was severely damaged.

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