Solar panels installed in Las Vegas home to save money... but in the shade

Solar panels installed in Las Vegas home to save money… but in the shade

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LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — When Eve Kaganovitch invested in solar energy for her Hillcrest Manor home in the Las Vegas valley, she expected her monthly power bill to drop.

When that didn’t happen, she eventually realized why — the solar panels were installed under trees.

“These trees have been here for 30 years,” Kaganovitch said. “No source of sunlight during the fall and winter months in order to produce any energy for me and therefore, I’m incurring all of the costs of the power bill about half of the year.”

Kaganovitch provided documents that reveal that when the sunshine does reach the panels, her NV Energy bill is around $13 a month. But on most months, when the sunshine does not reach the panels, her bill can reach more than $200.

That cost is in addition to her approximate $250 monthly bill to pay off the solar panels, which was an investment of over $70,000.

Kaganovitch told the 8 News Now Investigators that she had signed on with LGCY Power, which designed the solar plan, and Titan Solar Power, which installed the panels. 

She said she reached out to both companies to get the panels moved to a better area of her roof, which has no shade, but both companies blamed each other for the responsibility.

“I just want them relocated,” Kaganovitch said.

After months of frustration, Kaganovitch and her partner contacted the 8 News Now Investigators.

Repeated attempts to reach both companies on the phone revealed it was difficult to reach a human. Emails were returned, however. Both companies provided lengthy responses and appeared to blame each other. 

“Titan Solar Power is a company we used to originate customers for, however; we no longer have a business relationship with the company,” a statement from LGCY said. “Titan would have performed the site survey, approved the panel placement on the home, performed the CAD design and the engineering stamp as well as sought approval from the city to perform the installation. They would also likely be the warrantor for the customer and the possessor of the solar contract.”

However, Titan agreed to move the solar panels.

“Titan was under the impression it had been resolved by the sales company LGCY Power,” a Titan spokesperson said when contacted by 8 News Now. “A Titan team will be out tomorrow (9/7) to relocate the panels for Eva.”

“I can’t express how happy I am,” Kaganovitch said. “I feel like I’ve been fighting for over a year.”

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